Father’s Day and Baby Loss – Remembering Dad

These words ring so true for Chris and I. He is a daddy to an angel and that is so important to remember.


Another family holiday upon us.  Father’s Day.  If you identify with the commercialized version of this holiday, the man or men in your life will be grilling, playing golf, fishing and being lazy and unhelpful.  I don’t know about you, but those aren’t the fathers I know.  Sure they may like these hobbies, but the fathers I know are anything but bumbling idiots as they have often been portrayed in our media.  And a babyloss father, well, he’s a special breed.  He has to be.

Many babyloss fathers find themselves in the unique position of caring for the mother after their baby has died, being asked about her welfare by others while his grief is overlooked.  Due to cultural norms he is expected to be strong and not show emotion.  Logistically he may need to return back to work sooner than the mother because physically he is able to, perhaps…

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